I’ve always been super passionate about health and wellness but never really knew what career would be a good fit for me. I went to college for exercise science and nutrition and became a personal trainer, but still never really felt like I was on the right track. That was until I gave birth to my first child, with the help of a Labor and Birth Doula. My eyes were opened to see how incredible the value of prenatal, birth and postpartum support is and the need of this kind of support for moms, new and experienced. I felt God tugging at my heart and for the first time, could clearly see my purpose— to be the support my Doula was for me for other mothers in my community.


Birth is beyond beautiful. It’s what God perfectly designed women’s bodies to be able to do. It’s a moment when the emotional, spiritual, and physical worlds collide. I take pride in helping moms feel strong, equipped, protected, secure, and confident for this incredible moment. The amount of trust, vulnerability, and openness seen in a women during labor and delivery is far greater than any other space. I am honored and humbled to be welcomed into that space.

When I’m not helping families bloom and flourish, you can find me making awesome memories with my own little family. I have one little dude and a little princess who keep me busy and laughing always. I have been married to my best friend for 6 years and he is the biggest cheerleader and supporter of Designed to Bloom.  When I am solo, you'll find me working out or going to a walk outside. I love coffee with more cream than coffee, and finding great deals at thrift or consignment stores.

I am so thankful for you taking the time to read a little about me and my story. I pray that God uses me and the passions I have for birth to bless the families that I get to serve.

Your sister in Christ,

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