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  • Katie Montie

Katie + Blogging

Y'all this will be interesting, but fun.

I was told by my hubs that I needed to find a place to share my thoughts, my feelings, and my passions. He said I have good things to say and that if I didn't share them others would miss out. His idea...a blog.

So here we go...

This blog is connected to Designed to Bloom, my birth business, because my hope is that the content, personal and general, will spur on the mission and purpose of Designed to Bloom: to serve like minded women, in my community, who are on their journey of childrearing and childbearing. You will see the following content here: faith, pregnancy, doula importance, identity, health and wellness, parenting, marriage, and more - all with my voice attached.

These posts are going to be building blocks to raise you up as a mother, sister, daughter, wife and to bring us closer together as women in community.

I hope these posts bless you.




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