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As a client of Designed to Bloom, you will see Christ-centered love woven throughout all interactions. Creating a safe environment to promote relationships with trust, empathy and love is my main goal as I serve and support you. With education, information, companionship, and encouragement, you will begin to walk in confidence to make the best decisions for you and your growing family by eliminating fear that may arise during pregnancy and parenthood. It is my greatest hope as a business owner and birth and wellness professional to bring an abundant amount of joy into this new chapter of your life by serving you wholeheartedly.


A Wholistic approach to birth + wellness:​

  • Focuses on caring for your mind, body, heart and spirit alongside whatever your approach is to medical care and other options may be.

  • Brings God into all aspects and details of pregnancy, motherhood, and parenthood.

  • Views birth as a natural biological process that typically unfolds best when undisturbed, and focuses on keeping you healthy in order to support that process

  • Uses nutrition to keep your body and baby nourished and healthy

  • Incorporates referrals to other holistic health modalities as appropriate to create health in your body and mind 


I happily support families that make any of the following birthing choices:

  • A Christ-filled or non-spiritual birth

  • Home birth or hospital birth or birthing center birth

  • Natural birth or medicated birth

  • Planned or unanticipated surgical birth

  • A birthing environment that includes no extra support people or a party of support people


2021        Blissful Birthing TN Rebozo Training

2021        Blissful Birthing TN Doula Training

2021        Blissful Birthing TN Postpartum Training

2021        Blissful Birthing TN Resolving Conflict in the Birth Room

2021        Blissful Birthing TN Infant Loss Training

2018        Revelation Wellness Certified Instructor

2018        Wellness Revelation Certified Facilitator

2018        DONA International Birth Doula Student

2018        DONA Birth Doula Training - Center for the Childbearing Year

2015        NASM Certified Personal Trainer

2015        NASM Nutrition Specialist

2012        Bachelors of Arts - Exercise Science +  Nutrition

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